The Man from Durango


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1888, near Magdalena, Mexico


“Yes darlin’?”

“Are you ready?”

“A few more minutes. I’m almost finished shaving. Besides, we have plenty of time. The train doesn’t leave until late this afternoon.”

“I know honey. I’m just so excited, I can’t help myself.”

“We’ll make it in plenty of time,” Red said as he wiped the last bit of shaving lather from his face.


“Yes darlin’?”

“Did you mail the letter to The Legend?”

“Yes darlin’, weeks ago.”

“Do you think he will be there?”

“If he received the letter and if he can make the trip, he will be there.”

“Are you sure?”

“Rosalinda!” and then softer, “Darlin’ no more questions please until I come downstairs and we can talk without shouting through the entire house.”

“But I am so worried something will go wrong with our plans. I haven’t seen my family in Durango since I was a little girl. I have cousins I have never met! And our good friend Arturo Panduro, The Legend, it will be so good to see him again.”

“Darlin’ please wait until I come downstairs. Just one more minute and I’ll be done.”

“Men,” Rosalinda thought, “They just don’t understand how exciting these things are!”

Rosalinda held her thoughts and her tongue until Red appeared at the bottom of the stairs dressed in a dark suit, carrying two large carpet bags. Rosalinda had many things she was going to say to her husband but he looked so handsome in his suit that the heat of battle drained from her. Rosalinda came towards him to help with the bags but, Red refused, asking her to have Diego bring the carriage around.

“When Diego gets here, ask him to come upstairs and help me with the trunk. I’m liable to get a strain trying to bring it down by myself,” Red teased.

“I need those things; do you want me to look ugly?”

Red knew where this conversation could lead and took the safe way out, “Darlin’ you always look beautiful.”

But Rosalinda was not about to let him off the hook so easily, “When do I look especially beautiful?” she asked with a girlish innocence in her voice.

“All the time darlin’.”

“In the morning when I wake up and my hair is a mess?”


“After I clean the house and my face is smudged with dirt?”


“When I am baking and covered in flour?”

“Most beautiful!”

“How about when I am working in the garden and there is dirt under my fingernails?”

“Rosalinda, I told you! Always!”

“OK, I will accept your answer…for now.”

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