About the Author • David Brooks

I live in San Clemente, CA with my wife Susan and my daughter Molly the youngest of my four children. My graduate work was completed at Kean University and I am a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and Western Writers of America. I have traveled extensively in the lands where my stories unfold and my characters perhaps once lived. A student of Western History, I have brought my vision of the West to these stories.

A member of the Single Action Shooting Society©, I am a regular participant in Cowboy Action Shooting. Many of my reviews and articles under the alias Agoura Kid have appeared in The Cowboy Chronicle; official journal of SASS©. Numerous magazine articles and photographs also appear under my name.

Educated as an artist, my sculptures, paintings and photographs have been shown in Galleries across the U.S. and abroad. With this series of stories I try to bring creativity to the printed page while further exploring the concepts of morality and social issues of my earlier work.